These stools in the Valbo range all have polystyrene cores making them lightweight and extremely easy to move around as required:

  • Schools, Colleges, Student Accommodation
  • Reception/ Break-Out
  • Libraries

Product information:

  • Black feet
  • Upholstered in wide range of fabric, leather or vinyl
  • Two-tone fabric upholstery available FOC – Three-tone fabric POA, please enquire
  • 10% upholstery charge applied on all orders with patterned fabric
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Dimensions N/A
 Product NameProduct CodeDimensions
Product Name530 RoundProduct CodeVAL/530DimensionsH450 W530 D530 
Product Name530 Round 1 BiteProduct CodeVAL/530/1BDimensionsH450 W530 D525 
Product Name530 Round 2 BiteProduct CodeVAL/530/2BDimensionsH450 W530 D520 
Product Name900 RoundProduct CodeVAL/900DimensionsH450 W900 D900 
Product NameLongProduct CodeVAL/LONGDimensionsH450 W1180 D530 
Product NameLong 1 BiteProduct CodeVAL/LONG/1BDimensionsH450 W1050 D530 
Product NameLong 2 BiteProduct CodeVAL/LONG/2BDimensionsH450 W920 D530 
Product NameLarge YingProduct CodeVAL/LGYINGDimensionsH450 W1330 D800 
Product NameLarge Ying with BackProduct CodeVAL/LGYING/BDimensionsH750 W1330 D800 SH450
Product NameAngled StoolProduct CodeVAL/ANGDimensionsH450 W600 D610 
Product NameStoolProduct CodeVAL/STOOLDimensionsH450 W560 D610 
Product Name600 HexagonalProduct CodeVAL/600/HEXDimensionsH450 W600 D600 
Product NameCrossProduct CodeVALBO/CROSSDimensionsH450 W1330 D1330 
Product NameCross ElementsProduct CodeVAL/SQDimensionsH450 W450 D450