How Comfy Is…The Hoxton?

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How Comfy Is...The Hoxton?


Janinne, our Head of Marketing, says that wearing 'do not disturb - clever bunny at work' ears helps her dream up creative content ideas. The jury is out on that one, but we believe her when she says that sitting comfortably on the Hoxton helps her to feel relaxed and inspired.

We interrupted her creative thoughts to find out what she thinks of our Hoxton range:


Rhubarb Seating: “So Janinne how comfy is our Hoxton?”

Janinne: “It is definitely my 'go to' sofa in the showroom because of how cosy it feels.”

Rhubarb Seating: “What do you like best about it?”

Janinne: “I like how it creates a home from home feeling, you really wouldn't be able to tell it is contract furniture, it is so comfortable.”

Rhubarb Seating: “What do you use the Hoxton for?”

Janinne: “Mostly for a quick break and a much needed cup of coffee!”

Janinne's Hoxton Comfy Rating:


Made In Our Oxfordshire Factory

The Hoxton is one of many seating ranges we make right here in our factory in Thame, Oxfordshire. We are proud to be British product designers and manufacturers producing comfortable and quality seating for non-domestic environments.

The Hoxton has an FSC® certified wooden core, high density CMHR foam as standard, (with Lux versions having premium quality CMHR foams), and a webbed seat for enhanced comfort and durability. 

Available as an armchair, two-seater or three-seater and in your choice of fabric.

Pop into our showroom to see for yourself how comfy The Hoxton really is!