How Comfy Is…The Beanbag 2.0?

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How Comfy Is...The Beanbag 2.0?


This is 4 year old Poppy who finds the Beanbag 2.0 so comfortable she has fallen asleep reading her favourite book! We caught up with her once she had woken up from her nap to find out more about what she thinks of our beanbags:


Rhubarb Seating: “So Poppy how comfy is our Beanbag 2.0?”

Poppy: “It’s comfier than a big fluffy cloud.”

Rhubarb Seating: “What do you like best about it?”

Poppy: “I like the colour and I like how squidgy it is.”

Rhubarb Seating: “What do you use the Beanbag 2.0 for?”

Poppy: “I use it for my reading chair, and I use it when I want to rest, but I like it best when I pile up the beanbags to jump on when I’m playing at Nanny’s house.”

Poppy's Beanbag 2.0 Comfy Rating:


Made In Our Oxfordshire Factory

The Beanbag 2.0 is one of many seating ranges we make right here in our factory in Thame, Oxfordshire. We are proud to be British product designers and manufacturers producing comfortable and quality seating for non-domestic environments.

What is extra special about our beanbags? We seal the polystyrene beans inside an inner liner to ensure they are safely contained and each beanbag has an exhaust vent to permit rapid air escape and a removable cover to help keep it clean.

Upholstered in your colour and fabric/vinyl choice.

Pop into our showroom to see for yourself how comfy The Beanbag 2.0 really is!