Why Buy British?

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Why Buy British?


With many companies still facing lengthy delays from importing furniture stock from overseas, here at Rhubarb Seating we are highlighting how procuring from a UK manufacturer can offer improved lead-times, superior quality product and customer service, as well as being better for the environment.

We know how important the benefits are for our customers to buy British, after all we have been manufacturing seating from our factory in Oxfordshire for over a decade!

Improved Lead-Times

Furniture made here in the UK is not subject to the lengthy lead-times you find when furniture is shipped over on containers from abroad. At Rhubarb, having control over our own production processes enables us to offer competitive lead-times. With many of our clients working to tight project timelines this means we can fulfil orders on time, often to challenging deadlines, supporting customers to deliver their projects successfully.

We are often contacted by clients who have been let down by other suppliers or who are facing delays that will throw the project off track. Having our own in-house team of experts designing, sewing, upholstering, and manufacturing a broad range of seating means we have the flexibility to supply an order for a single specialist chair for a customer who needs it the next day, or scale up to produce 320 sofas needed for a project being installed the following month.

Superior Quality

With British made furniture, buyers have the peace of mind that quality and durability is a guarantee. Made from reliable, good quality materials, this means paying a little more than cheaper imports, but the craftsmanship ensures the product lasts longer, offering better value for money.

At Rhubarb we are not restricted to an ‘off the shelf’ offer, meaning our clients can have quality seating in the style, fit and fabric that works for them.

Excellent Service

Brits take customer service seriously, and UK manufacturers understand that customer satisfaction is important to maintaining customer loyalty, as business is built on reputation and word of mouth. At Rhubarb Seating we use our collective knowledge and expertise to help our customers choose seating with the right form and function for their space and users, taking into consideration ergonomics and aesthetics.

You may have a completely blank canvas and need our expert recommendation, just a rough sketch of what you need on your notepad, or an architect's drawing. However detailed (or not), and no matter what the size of the project, we can help. We also have our own showroom in Thame, Oxfordshire, so customers can see our ranges and go through fabric samples before they purchase.

Better for the Environment

With the Government’s Net Zero by 2050 target, we all have a responsibility to find more sustainable solutions. Rhubarb Seating is committed to reducing our environmental impact, and we have engaged with a third party to implement a Carbon Reduction Strategy as part of our journey to Net Zero. Buying British is better for the environment than importing, as the carbon footprint is significantly reduced.

Whilst overseas imports might appear as though they hold a more ‘budget-friendly’ price tag, buying British supports the local economy, and investment back into communities. Rhubarb Seating has a skilled team of sewers, upholsterers, and manufacturers and support these important industry skills through work experience and kick start placements. We have invested in design software to better streamline operations between product design and the manufacturing process, enabling us to reduce waste and make our operation more sustainable.

With so many benefits to buying British, we believe seating really is made Great in Britain!