Satisfyingly straightforward but endlessly versatile – The Booth!

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Satisfyingly straightforward but endlessly versatile -

The Booth!

Since we released the Booth in 2020,  we have seen its popularity go through the roof. And it's easy to see why.

It is almost impossible to think of an environment where the Booth would not be fit for purpose. We have installed them in didning rooms, restaurants, cafeterias, bars, reception areas, libraries, offices, public spaces, super markets, even healthcare areas upholstered in wipeable medical grade vinyl.


One of the huge selling points is the face that we can create fully bespoke dimensions for any project, whether that is to extend the lenght, width or depth, and we can even bend it - we can do whatever your space needs!

A recent request included a row of extra high Booths with backs upholstered in a tough vinyl which enabled us to create a walkway and divide a room.


We are also able to change the style of the upholstery to create a variety of looks, whether the number of panels on the back or different stitching patters to add further depth and detailing. And because everything is manufacturered here at our factory in Oxfordshire, we are able to do all of this within short lead times.


If the standard Booth design doesn't meet your requirements, we will simply change it until it does! We are more than happy to put this powerhouse product to the test.